Nice covers from all over the world.

Sent covers

This is a record of the covers I have posted each month.

sent covers 2019

17 December5xGermany, 2xAustria, Portugal8
10 December2xJapan, 2x South Korea, 2x Germany, 2xCuba, 2xPortugal10
9 DecemberLIE: Australia, South Korea, France, 4xGermany, USA, 3xAustria, 3xSlovakia14
5 December2xMalaysia, 2xAustria, Australia, 2xJapan, Venezuela, Italy, France, Uruguay, Portugal, 2xUSA, Israel15
4 DecemberCHE: Australia, South Korea, France, 4xGermany, USA, 3xAustria, 3xSlovakia14
30 NovemberRPV: 3xGermany, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Italy7
29. November2xItaly2
28 November5x Germany, Japan, 2xSlovakia, Austria, 2xItaly11
24 NovemberItaly, Japan, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Pakistan, France, Libya7
23 NovemberArgentina, Portugal2
22 NovemberIndia, 2xPortugal, Japan, Austria5
7 NovemberSri Lanka, Romania, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Canada6
1 NovemberFrance, 4xUSA, 2xAustria, 2xSlovakia, Greece, Russia, Germany, Germany, 6xPortugal, Italy, 2xKazakhstan, 2xJapan, Ukraine, S.Korea, Indonesia27
29 OctoberBWA cover: Germany, USA, USA, Austria, Italy, France, Portugal, Israel8
28 August2xUSA, 2xPortugal, 2xBelarus, 2xAustralia, Germany9
27 August5xGermany5
26 August
Israel, 2xUSA3
25 AugustSyria, Lesotho, DPRK, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, 3xFrance, Israel, Malta, 2xPortugal, 2xItaly, 2xUSA, Guyana, Hongkong, Philippines20